November 12, 2012

Justice League of America

So i have been playing around with the free Morpheus rig lately, especially in doing last months 11 second club animation (i'll post that here once its done), and since I've been wanted to see a justice league movie for years now, I decided I would see what this rig would look like DC-ified.  I'm not totally happy with the image, and I'm still undecided whether to put martian man hunter or cyborg on the end by flash, so once i finish the last character i'll be happy enough to move on.

Can you name all of the characters?  Shouldn't be too hard.
A few warm up figure sketches.  They kinda go in order of what took the most time to the least.

I probably spent about an Hour on this one.

Probably 15-20 min

 5-10 min