November 12, 2012

Justice League of America

So i have been playing around with the free Morpheus rig lately, especially in doing last months 11 second club animation (i'll post that here once its done), and since I've been wanted to see a justice league movie for years now, I decided I would see what this rig would look like DC-ified.  I'm not totally happy with the image, and I'm still undecided whether to put martian man hunter or cyborg on the end by flash, so once i finish the last character i'll be happy enough to move on.

Can you name all of the characters?  Shouldn't be too hard.
A few warm up figure sketches.  They kinda go in order of what took the most time to the least.

I probably spent about an Hour on this one.

Probably 15-20 min

 5-10 min

September 29, 2012


Anybody that has known me through my animation and film making pursuits knows that I have wanted to learn and implement 3d tracking for as long as i have done animation.  This desire actually goes back to around the first time i saw Lord of the Rings for the first time.
Well ... I JUST DID IT!!  The models and the footage i found online and have kind of been collecting over the years.  This is basically what I think a post-vis scene would look like.   And if you dont know what that means, post-vis is basically the process after a movie has been shot on film and has the rough visaul effects elelments placed in the scene so that the director can see that it is what the film is supposed to look like before they spend the money to finish everything else (final animtion, effects, renders etc.) for the product.

This first one i wanted to just put her into something.  I wanted to try a robot, and still might, but a plan just made more sense with the footage.
plane from Tim Hinton on Vimeo.

For this shot, I am going to animate things coming up to attack her, and she, as the excellent and fearless assassin that she is, takes them all out with no problem.

shooting2 from Tim Hinton on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think!!

September 7, 2012


So my dad called me about a month ago and said that he is doing a heroes theme with his homecoming day parade float at the high school that he teaches.  He said that he wants to have superheroes standing behind and saluting actual war heroes from their community.  He then asked if i would like to draw/paint up some superheros that he could put on cardboard cut outs for their float.  I was pretty excited about the invite.

Here is an initial sketch idea for what i am going to do.  The Superheroes will be life size so there is a lot of work to do on them still  but i am pretty excited about it.  I will also either add one more Justice League member, or take out Spiderman from the avengers, just to make an equal number on both sides.

What do you think?

August 8, 2012

Here is a painting I did last night.  It took me 3-4 hours and its the first time I have done a full on digital painting like this for years now, so I am a bit rusty.

It is the creature from my short film "Bedtime" and aside from being too dark  it may be how he looks in the film. I will have to do more tests to be sure.

The line art and actual design of the creature was done by Josh Cotton.

If anyone follows this blog, I would love to know what you think.

I will be doing a painting of the two other characters in the film as well as the environment soon.  Then I will be ready to try and recruit help in getting it finished.  If you are interested, let me know.

April 19, 2012

I just finished my latest project.  It is now on YouTube, so go check it out.

If you are still interested in seeing more stuff, here is one that was finished sometime around December.  I didnt do nearly as much on this one, but it was still fun to be a part on it.

April 18, 2012

 Its been quite some time since an update, so here are some morning warm ups that i have intended to post and never did.

The first is sketches straight forward.  I was trying to place them in a designerly way so that the sketches are accenting the longer poses.

On the next one, I was trying a different shading technique.  The shading didn't turn out quite how i wanted, but the figure drawing turned out OK.

The next one is just a few sketches cause that was all i had time for that day.

And then there is another Superman attempt.  I think this one turned out better though.  I like this one.