June 7, 2011

my film Bedtime Story made the news paper

I'm not sure how many people read this blog, but there are probably fewer people that know that I am making my own film as a personal project. So I will post this information here first in the hopes that more people will know about it. The working title of the film is 'Bedtime Story'. If you are interested to see a ROUGH version of the story in "layout" form, let me know.

I am posting this here now, because Emily Hogg at the Daily Universe on campus just posted an article about the film. You can read the article online here


There were a few things that i forgot to mention about the film in the article. One is that this is a project that's combining the disciplines of multiple departments at BYU and I only know of a few other films that have done that here, and I am very grateful for all of the help from those departments.

The other major contribution we have had on the film so far is that we were able to get some members of the local community involved. Our actor Mark is the star of our film and his family provided our set. We were able to film in his house, which was hugely beneficial as it was the perfect location for us.

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