April 30, 2009

This is a bug model that i did for class in Fall of '08. As soon as i got the assignment i want to to animate it and put it on a live action plate. The rig, model and animation are all really rough, but this is the basic blocking that the animation will look like.

This was the first of our projects in my beginning animation class Winter of '09. We were just supposed to animate something that didn't have a rig. So here we go, this was animated with out a rig.

This was an experiment, to see if i could implement something into a "live action" picture. The hard part was matching the lighting which i think I almost did.

I was stoked to even get this far with it. I will try to actually put a model in the next one and animated it.

This is my first try at matching a voice with animation in a dialog test.

There are lots of places where this could be improved. but I learned a ton with the process and had fun trying to learn how to draw a simple yet complicated character.