July 23, 2011

just thoughts this time.

i'm not sure how many people read/follow this blog, but i'm sure that most anybody that does isn't aware yet, so my Wife is due with our first child in December!!! yeahhhh.

With this news I wanted to share something.

There are few times in ones life were you can say with a surety, "this is going to change my life forever" or "i am going to remember this moment forever." Well, having a baby on the way lets you have lots of these moments.

The first one was when my wife told me she was pregnant. The next was when we heard the babies heart beat for the first time (which sounded really fast and totally cool). The next was when we went in for an ultra sound and saw an actual human form on the screen (that was awesome!). Then it was finding out that we are going to have a girl, which we just learned this week.

Tonight, I had another one of those experiences. I felt my baby girl move for the first time. Just subtle little movements, barely noticeable, but it was so surreal to me. I am going to remember it for the rest of my life. This is one of those things that I wish that every person on earth will get to feel at some point in their lives because of how it has effected me.

There will be many more moments like this to come and I anxiously await every one that comes along, but every time they come, it is always a shock to me, and leaves me wondering and sometimes saying out loud, "did that really just happen?"

I am so grateful for the opportunities that a am experiencing with this new change in my life, and hope everybody can enjoy a simar experience.

We're having a Girl!!!!!


Team Jogan said...

congrats tim! we are so excited for you! you guys will be the best parents ever. :)

Aaron Ludwig said...

Congrats Tim. You're right: there are many more of those life-changing moments on the way. Parenting is fun.

Rob Allen said...

yep big and good changes Tim. Congrats once more!