December 17, 2010


We are about to head into animation on our new project at work. It is a project that will heavily involve character animation (I know right?? How excited am I?!?)

This is a test animation that i did with testing the rig that we bought from RocketBox. I didn't use reference so the mechanics are all off, but i thought i did pretty good working from my own knowledge of the mechanics of a jump. I only spent about three hours tops, so yes there are lots of problems, but it was still a fun exercise.

December 13, 2010

Age of the Dragons

Here is the film that i did some animation on over the summer. I still dont know what the entire story is, since i was brought on around the middle of the project, and i dont think they had an animatic for it. At least not that I saw. So, based on the trailer, there might be a few questionable scenes in it.

When it comes out, maybe i'll post some of the work i did on it.