November 22, 2011

dialog test

I have been trying dialog out again recently. This is my latest test. Nothing special and really short. I just wanted to focus on achieving good facial expressions and a convincing lip sync.

I found the rig online and I dont quite remember how, but I am pretty sure it was through this page some how.

Let me know what you think.

November 5, 2011

fun in the leaves

These are a couple of videos we made after we finished raking the leaves infront of where we are living now.

I'll post a cooler one soon.

November 3, 2011

warm ups

I don't do a lot of fan art, but I thought that I might try. I used to draw Superman all the time, but I have been afraid of drawing him for quite some time now, as y knowledge of what makes good art has progressed and my recognition that my skills are not to that point yet.

but then I figured it might be time to face my fears and go for it. So here is my first attempt. I plan to do a more rendered version of this in the next couple of days, but here it is for now.

oh and I should mention that I tried to emulate one of my favorite sketches of Superman, which can be found here. Its the one on the bottom of the page.